The Life Journey: Quest and Fulfillment

We awaken to our purpose in life with the help from the world around us.  The world, and the people in it, asks us to perform, do, be, fulfill certain obligations.  We can stay in this awareness and plug through the morass of never-ending tasks to be achieved

Or we can freely choose to have a higher awareness about our purpose, our true Identity and our destiny.  Many of us are finding we want more clarity around our lives, our purpose for living, and how we can find fulfillment and happiness.


Let me describe the Journey you must go on to gain your hearts desire.

  1. The first step is the Call…

Do you here the call to awareness?  to meaning?  to purpose?

[Write down your questions your feelings of lack, your disappointments.]

2. Someone will guide you or direct you … Perhaps something serendipitous will happen and you will feel a certain soul urge or desire to explore some new area of your life, consciousness, relationships….

You may even find a mentor or guide to support your questioning and seeking….

3.  Decision to begin the journey. You feel empowered but you don’t know what will become of your seeking so there is a feeling of excitement even trepidation but you are not afraid you are ready to begin the journey to your higher purpose..

Be aware that now you will enter the variable and vibrational world of soul and spirit

4.  Challenges and trials may show themselves and you may feel setbacks but this will be temporary.

5. Soul knowing.  Approach the inner cave, feel your own limitations and reality of your fears.  Recognizing that you have come this far and now you know something about what you are searching for and that you need help or inspiration or something else that is not in your awareness yet.

6.  CRISIS. Here lies the stage where you will meet your greatest fears, this is a time when you will feel your greatest challenge and it will take stepping up to the bat in order to see if you have the mettle to go on.

7.  Value.  You have been successful although not at the end of the journey yet.  You will have succeeded in your ability to face that thing that scares you the most, that is your weakness, that you must overcome.  You will receive the reward for your efforts for your determination for your courage.

8. The result of your new awareness and effort has brought you the answer that you have been seeking

Be aware that you enter the world of ordinary awareness now and bring your new realizations into your life, this is a practical time.

9.  Return anew to yourself as a stronger, lighter, more clear, equipped, wise person.  You have grown in your ability to understand and you are more resilient.

10.  Resurrection.  The new ‘You’ is being born now.  The you that is aware of your purpose, clear in your resolve, and peaceful with your newly acquired knowledge.

11.  Attainment. You have integrated your new awareness or alignment to your life purpose into your perspective on your life.  This is also a time that you can be more focused and goal oriented.

12.  The new you is an upgraded version of you, your awakened purpose, your enlightened perspective.    You have succeeded in fulfilling part of your journey to evolve and become more of who you can be.

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Joseph Campell’s book the Hero’s Journey is a wonderful resource to understanding the Soul’s Journey in more depth.




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