Meditation: Being You Every Day

Meditation is the single most powerful way to remember who you are, how you are connected and reminded of your life’s path

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Can you hear the sound of the sun rising my friend?

You must try…….. 

You already meditate….. just thinking about your purpose for living is asking a deep question.  When you sit still, find the peacefulness within you are tuning-in to a non manifest part of you.

We do this when we meditate too.  We tune in to our higher power…..

Breath connects us to the un-manifest living world.  Breath connects us to the power of who we are.  We can relax when all we are thinking about is our breath….


When we are loosened from the things in the world that tie us or control us (we believe) we are set free.  We grow wings in our minds and can become creative….  Take this a step further and allow inspiration to reach you and find a way to express itself.  This is magical when it happens..  We’ve experienced inspiration in our lives?  right?

We can attain a level of inspiration every single day when we adopt a practice of quieting the mind and relaxing into being.



Take five minutes a day to sit breathe and allow your mind to open to its power.   You can find all kinds of great meditations online.  Being led by a teacher in the beginning is effective but really you only need to create a space for you to watch your thoughts come and let them go…. Then as they release you can start to experience the “bigger” expansive awareness of your consciousness.   This is the place of communion with the divine.   Here you can feel your value, your unique sense of Self that serves the purpose of your life.      Just begin today

remember its about creating a space for this to shine through into your life…..

just commit to being more you and more authentic….  by making a space to hear your soul speaking…..   you’ll love it… you’ll feel connected…  meaning….  power


WHAT IS MEDITATION REALLY ABOUT?         Power to be authentically you.

in the biggest sense….

no wonder every one is doing it!!……..

Namaste……  Peace to all beings….

aged ancient asian buddhism
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