Why no-one needs to fear Death

Near death experiences, are real experiences that have sent a person to the other side usually due to a trauma or accident. Somehow this person’s had an out of body experience to another reality and then returned to the world of the living with an awareness of what they had just experienced and a very special feeling .

Life is not determined by being within our bodies on the earth. We live on in other realms after this body no longer supports our life in it.

Not many people have had this extraordinary experience but those who have have similar stories. All encompassing light and love permeating their consciousness is a common memory. I can’t explain my near-death experience except that it was healing, fulfilling and beautiful. It was hard for me to want to be in the body from then on, and only just recently have I realized the gift that this life is. Truly a blessing to be alive and embodying love in action. I believe I got a chance to be inspired by beings on the other side and do some good work here. I have been so blessed to know so many caring, wonderful people that I realize that relationships are so important. In fact I would go as far to say that relationships, all kinds, are the reason we are here. We must find our unique way of expressing ourselves through giving and receiving love appreciation and gratitude. Expression for each person is unique and without you the world would not be complete.

So BE YOU. be your best you. Know that you are loved and free and empowered by the Source that is everything and that is you.

So never fear living fully….. never fear death it is only another way in which we live. we never die….. Leaving the body is a transition that is all, and it is a beautiful healing loving experience we will have when we are not in the body anymore. This I know. I’ve been there. I promise you, you will find only heaven and love and peace, there is no hell. Only love that is all that we are. Namaste

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