Being You Is Effortless

Being you in a world that surrounds you with questions and challenges constantly doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, I believe it can be easy.

There are a few things you can do to achieve effortless living.

Lets begin…. Stay centered in your heart, this center within you is so powerful and sadly we don’t “know” anything about it. I want to empower you so here is some info that will assist you with that.

Stillness will show you the door (portal) to the Presence that exists within you.

Once you have achieved stillness, can you focus? (Focusing is a akin to a muscle that you must flex, but it is effortless) Practice focusing without grasping and thinking “I am flexing my focusing muscle”. This will defeat the purpose of practicing your FOCUS.

So STILLNESS and FOCUS without effort you can notice your breath. Soon your breath will deepen… notice

And soon you will feel your heart vibrating like a little light… breathe… and let your heart resonate and the light will grow more bright as you allow it to do its thing. This is a beautiful experience. Your unique resonance with begin to notice itself and this will cause it to strengthen and grow in power.

That’s it my dear friends… Just find the still quiet place, focus in a relaxed way, and let your light resonate within. This portal of your perfect heart will become a beautiful healing and peaceful place that you can go anytime and anywhere.

Transcend time and space, feel peace, experience the wholeness of your being, your perfection.


(Namaste means, I bow to the Light that you are, my Light bows to your Light)

Effortless being, “I am one with the Uni-verse”

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