Release Fear Embrace Loving Presence

Fear will act like an anchor in the physical reality. We are emotional beings, us humans, so of course we experience the wide arc of emotions throughout our lives, cycles, days… We can learn to manage our emotions and not let them activate our “reactions” to events.

If we can develop an inner guidance, or inner guru even, we can access this wisdom in times that may have in the past caused us to “react”. We can release the anchor in survival mode and fear around being hurt. It takes a moment to allow emotion and accept its presence, we make space for it… then we can choose more wisely how we can RESPOND as opposed to REACT. Of course reacting quickly in some instances is perfect, jump out of the way of a fast car for example. But I am referring to those moments that might cause anger to flare up or jealousy, or sadness to overwhelm or a sense of abandonment.

SBW…Developing inner guidance is a lifelong endeavor. We decide every day and even more accurately, decide in every moment to Stop, Breathe, and Witness. Allowing the moment to unfold as we maintain Presence.

This is key, to gift yourself a moment to witness, gives you a space to have a response as opposed to a reaction to any given circumstance.

This video below is about opening to loving presence.

We can start to experience connection, and release of fear, in any given moment. Its a choice.

Ultimately we can experience connection to love in this moment and act out of love and not fear..

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