Magnificent you: I Am All that pulses, breathes, loves.

A message to all inhabiting Gaia in the present,

Dear Beloveds, you must know that the current way of life on earth can no longer be sustained. The current time line has been manipulated by the dark ones for al long as was possible, thousands of years and much suffering has been endured.

We are beloved, each one.

The magnitude of Who we Truly are is unimaginable and we could not bear the magnificence of our True Nature at this time. The Light of our being would be shockingly different from what we have experienced up until now.

The dawn is upon us and the door to our own true knowing is gradually being transmitted to us. It is like a door being slowly opened unto a room of intense light, we want to shut the door, but we must not. We must put our foot in the door so that it can open and reveal our true nature. Bliss is painful for us in a strange kind of way. But we will become accustomed to it gradually.

Go deeply into your own soul, close out the world and go within, you will experience what you are ready to feel. You heart is your portal to Truth of being.

Go with in, quiet, surrounded by quiet so that your focus can be completely on the inner life of your soul. Focus on your breath for a time and this will guide you and lead you to your inner sanctuary.

It is very important at this time to go there, as humanity and Gaia Star need your light and Presence now.

Within there lies the bliss and peace of being. All must and will FALL AWAY that exists in the outer world while you do this resounding practice with your own soul.

Times are changing and so are you, give yourself a gift of Presence and quiet. You are magnificent and bright beyond measure.

Your essence is calling to you to pay ATTENTION to your own beating heart, your own breath your own humanity.

I am forgiveness

I am kindness

I am calm

I am expansion

I am Love.

I am the Light the Love the Truth.

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